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First of all, congratulations to everyone who completed their fic/mixes/artwork. The end result was eleven truly fantastically written fics with accompanying artwork that blew your mods away. There will be a masterpost put up as soon as real life slows down for the mods, but we wanted to thank everyone who participated in this year's jent_bigbang.

We will also be asking you guys for feedback too, so that you can let us know what worked/didn't work, how we can improve things should we choose to run this again in 2011. But for now, go forth and read all of the fic that was posted, because you will not be disappointed.

The Day Aliens Invaded China
Title: The Day Aliens Invaded China
Author(s): virdant & reiicharu
Artist: ravyn_ashling
Crossover: None
Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction.
Type: Humour, Gen, Crack
Word Count: 16 412
Characters/Pairings: KAT-TUN + ARASHI/NEWS/SMAP/Hey!Say!Jump/KANJANI8/V6
Warnings: None
Spoilers: Up to Feb 11, 2010

Summary: Kame's Life is Clearly Hard. With Capitals.
Author’s Notes: The following piece was a result of two people sitting together in gchat and saying, "oh gosh, we have so many ideas to write about... let's write them all." Set during Feb 11, 2010, this monstrosity is an example of why sometimes, more is not better.

Story Master Post: The Day Aliens Invaded China
Art Master Post: here by ravyn_ashling

Fic: Jin and The Painting of St Basil’s Cathedral (And His Last Name is Holmes)
Title: Jin and The Painting of St Basil’s Cathedral (And His Last Name is Holmes)
Author: alienashi
Artist: ayuzak
Crossover: Shamelessly nabbed from Sherlock Holmes
Disclaimer: This is a product of a mind going through crack, but not enough crack to keep this on pure crack level. Apologies to the real Tchaikovsky the pianist; to my defense, I didn’t steal his name, Ueda did.
Type: Gen, AU, Crack-ish, Crossover
Word count: 15,817 ~
Characters/Pairings: Kame/Jin, appearances of Yamapi, Ueda’s alter ego, mentions of Nakamaru
Warnings: Very slight angst, female OCs with bizarre fetishes and the necessity to pretend that you can have names that combine elements from two different languages. Jin is eloquent. And smart. Kind of.
Spoilers: None
Summary: Jin ran off somewhere for two years and Kame was not happy. They try to make up. In the mean time, they solve mysteries.
Author’s Notes: In the fic

Link to Story Master Post: Here
Link to Art Master Post: Here, and here, by the amazing ayuzak.

FIC: I Believe You Liar
baby i'll make it up to you
Title: I Believe You Liar
Author(s): soundczech
Artist: helicoptersky
Crossover: n/a
Disclaimer: All events depicted herein are fictional. I claim no affiliation with Johnny & Associates.
Type: Angst, Romance
Word Count: 58,795.
Characters/Pairings: Akakame (Minor Jin/OFC, Kame/OMC, Pi/Kame)
Warnings: Angst, casual homophobia, grown men acting like distraught teenage girls, Josh.
Spoilers: n/a
Summary: Johnny forces Jin and Kame to hang out in the wake of Jin's departure from KAT-TUN. Jin has lots of feelings.
Author’s Notes: Title taken from the Washington song. When I first started writing this, 2011 seemed REALLY REALLY FAR AWAY and I was like, of course Jin will have singles and albums by then, and wrote under that presumption. Then he did not. So you're just going to have to rewrite history mentally, ok. Also, despite this being the least involved premise I've ever written it somehow ended up being almost 59,000 words... I feel like people should be prepared for Jin sitting around and talking a lot of shit, which accounts for 3/4 of the fic.

Thanks to darlita, samenashi, and ayuzak for all their help ♥ and to the jent_bigbang mods for all their work and patience.

Link to Story Master Post: I Believe You Liar.
Link to Art Master Post: helicoptersky has been largely cut off from the universe by a faulty internet connection – I will update this when she rejoins the 21st century.

Fic: One Thousand and One NEWS Nippon Nights
NewS- Tego Listen!
Title: One Thousand and One NEWS Nippon Nights
Author(s): peroxidepest17
Artist: razberrycreme
Crossover: Ideas/themes borrowed from the 1001 Arabian Nights
Disclaimer: No harm or infringement intended.
Type: action/comedy
Word Count: 55,330
Characters/Pairings: NEWS (+appearances/mentions of Johnny, KAT-TUN, Arashi, V6, TOKIO, Tackey and Jin)
Warnings: Violence, meta
Spoilers: N/A
Summary: In order to stop Ryo’s fearsome reign of tyranny, Shige is forced to distract him. (Or the one where Shige writes epic JE fanfiction for the greater good.)
Author’s Notes: See fic Masterpost.

Link to Story Master Post: One Thousand and One NEWS Nippon Nights @peroxide_fic
Link to Art Master Post: Art found here @razberrycreme

[Kanjani8] Waking Up (Subaru/Yasu)
Golden - loveiro
Title: Waking Up
Author(s): elyndys
Artist: nanyakanya
Crossover: N/A
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.
Type: Romance, alternate timeline
Word Count: 18359
Characters/Pairings: Subaru/Yasu, Kanjani8
Warnings: Some angst
Spoilers: N/A
Summary: 6 years ago, Subaru quit Kanjani8, and quit Johnnys. The repercussions have lasted a long time, but Yasu thinks it's time to start healing some old wounds and building bridges.
Author’s Notes: N/A

Link to Story Master Post: Waking Up
Link to Art Master Post: Pics here!

"Trouble Is"- KAT-TUN, Jin/Kame
JE → 亀 → "A"
Title: Trouble Is
Author(s): misao_duo
Artist: quidit
Crossover: N/A
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, meaning i own nothing and get nothing. Tough life.
Type: Romance.
Word Count: 15.129
Characters/Pairings: Jin/Kame
Warnings:slight angst, some language, sexual situations
Spoilers: None
Summary: Years after moving permanently to the U.S., and faced with some troubles concerning a new project, Akanishi Jin finds himself unexpectedly working once again with one Kamenashi Kazuya. And getting to know him all over again.
Author’s Notes: They can be found in the fic.

Link to Story Master Post: Trouble Is
Link to Art Master Post: Art here

Fic: Switch-Hitting
Title: Switch-Hitting
Author(s): sweetpaopuwind
Artist(s): sou_kiri & gingifere
Crossover: N/A
Disclaimer: I don't own them, and I'm not making any money off of this.
Type: AU
Word Count: ~60,650
Characters/Pairings: Akame
Warnings: Language, drinking, implied sex (does it still count as underage if the younger is 19 1/2? :D;), and...well, I don't know if this counts or not, but I think I'll mention it just to be on the safe side: I made Jin an American exchange student from LA. I wasn't sure if that would ruffle any feathers given recent events. >_<
Spoilers: None that I can think of.
Summary: When Kame's 18 years old, he becomes the unwilling tour guide to an American exchange student. They have adventures, including but not limited to: yakiniku, karaoke, penis festivals, and first love.
Author’s Notes: On the story master post. :3

Link to Story Master Post: Fic here~ :D
Link to Art Master Post: sou_kiri's amazing artwork can be found here and the incredible fanmix gingifere put together for it can be found here. 8D wrjgsoj I am so excited about all of this, I can't even tell you.

The show must go on
Ely-chan rocks :D
Title: The show must go on
Author(s): elanielyn @ onionlullabys
Artist: singlehappiness
Crossover: None
Disclaimer: They're not mine. This is a work of fiction and I get no profit out of it.
Type: Romance, AU
Word Count: +18000
Characters/Pairings: Akanishi Jin / Kamenashi Kazuya / Yamashita Tomohisa
Warnings: More or less graphic sexual content, slight angst
Spoilers: None
Summary: Privacy is a rare luxury in a circus and young love is fast to spark, unstoppable and unexpected. And immensely complicated, too.
Author’s Notes: On the actual fic to save people the block of thank you's.

Link to Story Master Post: The show must go on
Link to Art Master Post: Amazing fanmix to go with it

Fic: Yellow Cab
Stock - Little trumpet
Title: Yellow Cab
Author(s): randomicicle
Artist: ichigo_246
Crossover: None.
Disclaimer: Don't own people. This is a work of fiction.
Type: Romance.
Word Count: 18,128
Characters/Pairings: KAT-TUN, Kamenashi Kazuya/Akanishi Jin
Warnings: AU.
Spoilers: None
Summary: Jin never imagined he’d get so attached to one passenger. A photographer named Kamenashi Kazuya, who’s always on the phone and gets off work around 6.
Author’s Notes: They can be found in the fic. They're too long and there's no point in spamming some more. I'm excited ♥.

Link to Story Master Post: Yellow Cab @inkroulette
Link to Art Master Post: Gorgeous Art @ichigo_246


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